Today, we stand at a crossroads. For too long, we have accepted war and violence as inevitable elements of human existence. For too long, peace has been presumed to be a silent byproduct, a calm harbor existing only in the absence of war. Yet, this mindset is a misconception, leading us into a cycle of endlessness.

Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is a conscious, potent presence – a state requiring dynamism, commitment, and resolve. It must be shaped, nurtured, and sustained. Peace is an art to be learned, a science to be explored, and a discipline to be mastered.

In a world where billions of voices reject war and cry out for peace, it is time to honor this conviction. It is time to create structures not just responsive to conflicts but ones that lay the groundwork for peace. Every nation arms for war, investing in training and infrastructures of violence. Every nation has a ministry primarily concerned with war preparations. But why are we so negligent when it comes to investing in peace education and non-violent conflict resolution?

We call for the establishment of official state institutions dedicated to peace education. We demand the creation of Ministries for Peace Education, promoting practices of non-violence and teaching ways of active peace.

In times of crisis, people long for role models offering security, quality of life, and contentment. Let us, therefore, establish peace education as our game changer – not one rooted in fear, but based on the optimistic application of active, peace-building measures.

It is time not just to reflexively stand AGAINST something, but to collectively and resolutely stand FOR what is right.

For a peaceful coexistence, not as the exception but the norm. For a world where peace becomes the strongest force we know through education, practice, and application.

We are ready. Are you?