PEACE STAGING BY LEONHARD KUBIZEK defines 'Applied Peace Education and Examination Research' at the IAFP Institute. It is an artistic approach applied across various fields such as education, society, and individual examination situations to define, quantify, and promote peace.

The method combines acting techniques with scenario planning and practical exercises aimed at creating 'peace-building reference memories.' These memories empower individuals, institutions, and communities to confidently and competently navigate conflicts, exams, and other challenging situations. Through artistically staged procedures, new perspectives are opened, commonalities are discovered, and personal skills are enhanced in a way that lasting, enriching relationships can be formed.

The Peace Staging process involves analyzing the conflict situation, developing a script for staging solution pathways, the practical implementation of interventions following a 'peace construction plan,' and the continuous evaluation and adjustment of the method to ensure success. Peace Direction by Leonhard Kubizek emphasizes the importance of actively practicing peace education and using the transformative power of artistic conviction for better coexistence. Leonhard Kubizek's approach facilitates the resolution of deep-seated conflicts by promoting peace as an achievable and necessary foundation for living together. Excelling in challenging examination situations is a positive side effect of Peace Staging.